Friday, March 31, 2006


Here is the invitation folks, I hope you can make it!

The opening in Quan Zhou is in a week, the Shanghai show will be in September. Coming up soon: shots of the pieces to be shown in the show. Check out for more info.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fuego de la Vida - Fire of Life

I'll be posting more photos of the stuff I did in Spain... Here is a photo of FUEGO DE LA VIDA, a piece I was commissioned to do for the founder of I felt quite honored as I did my own rendition of don Quijote and showed how Spain had an impact on me. When I was there, everyday was filled with so much fire for life. Even Mondays were exciting, but weekends were just the best. I was filled with energy and passion in all I did, I was myself more than ever. My heart aches when I look at this piece and remember the underlying stories that helped me create this.

This painting was inspired not only by the story of don Quijote, but also by the company itself. Since the company started, it has brought thousands of people from all over the world to the adventural mosaic of Spain.

The fiery red hues represent the passionate life which exists in Spain. The calming yellow tones reflect how Spaniards enjoy things to the fullest, like having coffee with a friend and forgetting all worries.

As an artist, I was exposed to the beauty of living in a place as mesmerizing as Salamanca. Every day in Spain brings something new, just the same way this painting can.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This piece is perhaps my best piece yet. It was done in 2002 and it took me forever to complete. This is just a close-up of the piece, but the entire MILLENNIUM SHOWER is composed of golden/bronze dots. I don't know if I will ever have that much patience again...

I love looking at this piece, I wish my ceiling would be covered in this design, so I could gaze at my own stars at night.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Centenera - The Completion

After spending 3 nights painting at the weirdest times (the first night I started painting at 2am) the project was completed. It felt great to see my work in a very local place, it made me feel so accepted and at home. All Spaniards I met showed me so much warmth and welcomed me. Although the Philippines will forever be my heart and soul, Spain is my other half.

I had an opening show at Centenera (more about that later) and it was amazing so see all these people party in a place where such a big part of the vibe was created by my work.

--->some of the wall panels

Partying at Centenera was always tres fabulous. Here is a snapshot of me with Carine, my good friend from Nice. Don't ask why we were doing this infront of a big crowd of people... Just natural craziness that Spain instills!

Then there's a shot of me with Roberto, one of the DJ's there who spun all my favorite music for me :)

Centenera: Salamanca, Spain

One of the most exciting things that have ever happened in my life, career wise and on a personal basis, was little stint in Spain. While working on a marketing research project I was able to expand my network of contacts in Spain.

I lived in Salamanca in 2005 and often went to Madrid, one of my favorite cities in the world. Living in Spain was so inspiring and really had a strong impact on me as an artist.

In Salamanca I got commissioned to paint Centenera, a popular bar along Gran Vía. Within 3 nights I had to complete 7 big wall panels. It was a very crazy experience, being under so much time pressure and it was my first big commission in Spain, so I wanted it to be something out of this world. Here is a picture of me, painting "Spain style", that is to say with flowing Sangría coming my way.

Welcome to my online canvas

Welcome to my online canvas! I will be posting photos of artwork in the process, as well as any other artistic updates. My website is currently being re-vamped, once it's done I will let all of you know. For now, here is a shot of a commission I did for someone in Holland. They wanted something lively for their living room, so I went with an orange palette since the tones are so striking... not to mention that orange is by far the most popular color in Holland.