Sunday, October 17, 2010

Green Abu Dhabi 2010

Green Abu Dhabi 2010 is a three week art show focusing on educating the community about the environment and sustainability. The initiative is a call to action and invites the entire UAE community to ‘paint the town green.’ This can be as simple as recycling and switching off lights when they are not needed, to mobilising members of your immediate community to initiate wider programmes such as beach clean ups. Green Abu Dhabi 2010 aims to become an annual community event working from a grass roots level with schools up to the highest level decision maker.

My biggest work included in the exhibition is a 14 tonne concrete sculpture sponsored by Al Fara'a Construction. The artwork is sculpture of the word Samak - fish in Arabic - and is covered with fish bones and other remnants from the beach.
Samak is a commentary on overfishing and our consumption habits. Overfishing is the number one reason why waters are running out of fish.
If we keep up the way we do, we might one day end up with fossils rather than fish. So stop being so bloody wasteful.

Creating Samak was one of the most exciting experiences for me as an artist. A huge collaboration with Al Fara'a Construction and seeing all those fish bones beautifully lit up at the inauguration.